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We're SRES Agents

We work in the industry you do, and we have built a referral source that takes into consideration our special niche and expertise.

Our services
  • home-solid (1) Company & Personal Branding
  • home-solid (1) Digital Marketing and Market Data
  • home-solid (1) Professional Profile Presentation
  • home-solid (1) Photos of Properties You Represent
  • home-solid (1) Qualified Real Estate Referrals
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Assist, Inform, Access

Senior property owners know about the expertise and benefits working with an SRES designated real estate agent and broker, and having access to connect with you, while other professionals and specialists who work with seniors can offer your services for the next step in their own sales and marketing services.

Inform the public and other professionals about SRES

Make SRES a designation recognized for its destinct purpose.Enhance the ability for SRES Professionals to serve seniors. Connect SRES Professionals with the senior market supply chain.Provide qualified referrals that give SRES Professionals independence.

We're a Marketing & Technology Company

To provide SRES Professionals with easy and direct access to the senior-consumer market in order to make it easier for seniors and their families to downsize, transition, and move to their next home.

The Blockchain for the Senior Market

Gaining recognition for the resources made available through the digital platform to our members, getting them to join and participate in this, the next generation for business practices of an SRES Professional by providing advanced technology that brings back the old broker-agent relationship in which, referrals are provided to the agent who devotes their time to providing their services to the client.

We're Good At

SREP business services.

Displays Business

Members are presented to consumers and community for their Senior's Real Estate expertise.

Equality & Merit

our experience, knowledge, and designation gives you equal access and opportunity for client referrals.

Digital Marketing

Members are advertised, and promoted across the blockchain, in social media, Google, and affiliate websites. !

Community Goodwill

Connects the senior market of professionals, specialists and surrogates to offer cohesive and comprehensive solutions.

Reciprocal Rewards

Our technology tracks activity, and rewards members for positive activity, converting referrals, and sending proferrals.

Privacy & Control

Your password protected Dashboard for referrals, proferrals, notifications, market data, changes, edits, and updates.

Our Leadership Team

Senior Team Platform

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