About Us

Some words about our SREP Club

The founders of the Company have spent years in the elder care and assisted living industry. They are also licensed real estate professional with the SREP designation.
It is their combined background that has inspired the technology and systems that qualify and refer real estate clients. They send them to you because they know, you understand the issues seniors and families face when they need to find an assisted living residence and must depend on the equity from their loving homes.
“We intend to become a valuable source for real estate referrals. We offer something unique and exclusively for SREP professionals. It takes valuable time to help prospects and though we would not suggest stopping what you do, we offer a source that takes little effort with the potential for substantial results.”
They claim it can transform the way SREP professionals have to do business.

SREP Referrals come from Senior Place Finder which is a relational database that correlates information to efficiently and effectively connect seniors and families with assisted living residences and communities as well as appropriate vendors and services.

In searching for an assisted living there are many other circumstances that come into play. The biggest usually being the need to sell a home.

Senior Place Finder offers Senior Real Estate Specialists an exclusive membership to have access to the SREP Referral System and database. It collects data and is able to qualify seniors and then send them to a requested specialist.

By joining our service you will receive all referrals in the areas you designate on the basis of our policy to include all members but offer no more than three agents to any given prospect. In areas of concentration there is a que that rotates to provide referrals fairly to members and clients.


It asks Seniors and their Families a set of basic questions. “Do they own a property? Do they need to sell their property before moving into an assisted living residence?; Do they wish to rent their property?; Would they like a free comparative analysis to determine the home’s value?”

Anyone who answers in the affirmative is then sent into the system and based on your area of service, you are sent their request and contact information.

It also offers a free branded gateway with tracking code to offer the Senior Place Finder service on any of your media, web sites, social media and advertising. The system is set up to provide all those answering in the affirmative exclusively to its originating member.

Those not answering in the affirmative but who move into an assisted living residence and originated from your gateway or link, earn you a finder’s fee of $200 for move-in. In addition to making money, the system offers you goodwill and a clear image of supporting care and safety for our seniors.

What it offers

An exclusive database for real agent agents who have earned the Senior Real Estate Specialist designation.

What it means

Receive qualified senior real estate owners who are considering assisted living home and it means selling a home or renting one.

What you know

Your account is exclusive to SREP. It includes receiving qualified referrals, tracks, updates, generates analytics and reports that let you know more, update or modify company information and review the marketplace.

What is exciting

Beyond the power to receive qualified information that brings you qualified prospects and a resource to build your community relationships.

What it costs

$96.00 for annual membership. Real estate referrals that convert to closed transactions cost only 20% for members. Your branded online gateway is free.



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